Monday, August 22, 2011

unhappy workers

hello fellow bloggers,

bay here and i just want to say a few words about summer jobs.

summer is supposed to be fun, right? and in your adolescent years you are supposed to spend the two months a year hanging out with your friends, stirring up some trouble, and just going crazy (technically summer is a warm, extended spring break for some) right?
then riddle me this, if you have all the opportunities to get out there and act like a complete idiot while your still young, why would you get a job that strains you of all your energy and most likely doesn't pay you nearly enough to get what you wanted before you got this job. i understand it's money and it adds up, i had about three different jobs over this summer, some of which are still going on. this is not just about summer jobs it's all jobs, studies show that over 55% of people are unhappy in their work place. so really, if your job is making you cranky and just a down right unpleasant person to be around, is it really worth all this trouble??

i will leave you now to ponder those words. goodnight to all.

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