Tuesday, October 25, 2011

9:29 pm

i've been back at school for a little over two months and i only have two more months before winter holidays, yay! but to be honest i thought grade eleven would be amazing, i thought it would be way more fun then all my other years. but it's not. not even close.
for me grade eleven was the year my life was suposed to get so much better and more interesting, great grades, boyfriend...etc. but so far it feels like i'm constantly lugging around this huge weight on my shoulders and i am so sick of it. i just want things to be a little easier sometimes.

thanks for reading,
goodnight to all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

11:30 pm

i'm so tired. i just got back from a CPR training seminar that was four hours long.

don't get me wrong the first three hours were fun and entertaining, with all the stupid questions and remarks, but the last hour was long... very long.

the instructor, lets call him Mr. X, went over everything: the Heimlich, dangerous situations, heart failures... etc. and everyone there was a good 25-30 years older then me, except Mr. X, and when it came time for a volunteer guess who had the only guts to stand in front of the group and demon straight the Heimlich... that's right it was me, now i'm not complaining here a very very good looking, strong guy wrapping his arms around you, what's not to like?

all in all if Mr. X were to teach another class tomorrow, i would do it all over again.

first times

hello fellow bloggers,

I've just been sitting here thinking, and i can't remember the last time i did something for the first time. and when i say this i mean something big and exciting, not like going into a new grade cause really you don't have a choice about that stuff unless you purposely fail. i'm talking about things that could change history, make memories or get you noticed.

so i now challenge myself and anyone reading to go out there and do something for the first time before this year ends.
something crazy, like bunggie jumping, or something you've always wanted to try but just bring yourself to do it.

the possibilities are endless.

Monday, August 22, 2011

unhappy workers

hello fellow bloggers,

bay here and i just want to say a few words about summer jobs.

summer is supposed to be fun, right? and in your adolescent years you are supposed to spend the two months a year hanging out with your friends, stirring up some trouble, and just going crazy (technically summer is a warm, extended spring break for some) right?
then riddle me this, if you have all the opportunities to get out there and act like a complete idiot while your still young, why would you get a job that strains you of all your energy and most likely doesn't pay you nearly enough to get what you wanted before you got this job. i understand it's money and it adds up, i had about three different jobs over this summer, some of which are still going on. this is not just about summer jobs it's all jobs, studies show that over 55% of people are unhappy in their work place. so really, if your job is making you cranky and just a down right unpleasant person to be around, is it really worth all this trouble??

i will leave you now to ponder those words. goodnight to all.